About Institute

LLC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION was established in 2019 as a result of professional cooperation of supervisors, practitioners and scientists in psychoanalysis, psychology, psychiatry from Ukraine, the USA, England, Italy, France, Poland.

The main mission of the Institute is the development and implementation of specific methodologies for professional supervision, training projects, continuing education programs, certification of competencies of specialists in various fields of professional and expert activity (primarily social, behavioral, humanities, health system sciences, including medical management), as well as practitioners in the field of psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychiatry in accordance with the standards of leading professional associations and institutions.

Research is the special area of ​​the Institute activity. In this context, supervision is seen as a practical scientific discipline.
We are open for cooperation in establishing the institution of supervision practice, standardization and certification of professional activities.

The main activities of the LLC RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION are as follows:

1) the development of educational and training programs, ensuring the conditions for the professional development of psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, social workers, social educators, managers;

2) formal, non-formal and informal adult education;

3) the organization and conduct of research programs, various types of psychological examination;

4) certification, accreditation of professional and educational programs, continuing education programs for individuals and organizations;

5) development of certification programs for professional competencies and skills of specialists, experts, supervisors;

6) the creation and control of rosters of specialists, experts, supervisors, professional organizations and associations;

7) accreditation of institutions in which training, retraining and / or provision of professional services for psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic-oriented therapy, psychological counseling, psychodiagnostics, socio-psychological rehabilitation, psychocorrection, psychoprophylaxis, various modalities of psychotherapy is carried out;
8) ensuring professional mobility of specialists and students of the Institute and other institutions;
9) the introduction of international training programs, certification of specialists, experts and supervisors;
10) organization and conduct of research activities.

The professors and consultants of the Institute’s training programs are recognized specialists in Ukraine and abroad, having membership and status in such professional organizations as:
European confederation of psychoanalytic psychotherapies
American Psychological Association
American Academy of Clinical Psychology
World Federation for Mental Health
European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Hannover, Deutschland)

RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION LLC focuses on the standards and practices of these organizations.

We are convinced of the need to institutionalize the practice of professional supervision.

The training programs of the Institute are carried out in accordance with the Memorandum on the implementation of the international project “INTEGRATION OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND SUPERVISION SYSTEMS: EU – EASTERN EUROPE – ASIA” (Lublin, Poland, Kiev, Ukraine, February 18, 2020. Signed by Dr Andrzej Szabaciuk -the Rector’ Commissioner of John Paul II Lublin Catholic University in the network of Eastern European universities and networks of Catholic universities and RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION LLC, which was confirmed flushes the international status of programs and certificates issued by the RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION LLC.

We invite you to cooperation and participation in our programs and projects.